Understanding the Five Elements How They May Show Up in You


Five element acupuncture in the eastern philosophy and Chinese medicine is based on the expression of each element as it shows up in nature – physically, emotionally/mentally and spiritually. The basic nature of each person is guided by the elements.

FIRE: Summer with heat, sunshine playfulness is reflected in the body as our heart, pericardium and circulation. It expresses as love, joy, and connection; conversely as sadness and depression. The heart is our primary connection with life and is our basic essence – Shen -connection to the energy of our creator.

EARTH: Late summer – the time of harvest. Stomach and spleen are responsible for digestion and distribution of nutrients throughout the body. Someone whose has Earth as their primary energy shows up as caring for others, compassion and has an appreciation of food. They may also have a tendency to be obsessive, be a worrier or compulsive.

METAL: Fall. Energy is slowing down; days are getting shorter. The organs of metal are the lungs and large intestines. The lungs bring in fresh air and releases toxins. Conscious breathing facilitates a sense of peace. The large intestines draw the last bit of water from food to keep the body moist before final excretion. The person guided primarily by the metal element knows what is right and true, what to keep and what to release. They may be stuck, can’t let go physically or mentally to make room for a new point of view. Their primary value could be money or jewels or just stuff.

WATER: Winter Dark, quiet. Trees are bare; our surroundings are visible. Water takes many forms from glacier to steam. Winter is a time to gather knowledge, to rest, and to solve problems. Bladder and Kidney are the organs of Water – Kidney processing and bladder letting go. Basic genetic energy is stored in the kidneys. Knowledge becomes wisdom. Conversely, water out of balance shows up as fear, perhaps lacking the wisdom to move forward into spring.

WOOD: Spring. The creative energy of spring is encouraged by the wisdom of water. Like a dandelion pushing through cement – it can’t be stopped. Spring is the time to launch The planning energy of wood is essential to see any endeavor through to its finish. Liver and gall bladder remove toxins from the body leaving the mind clear to develop a plan. The negative energy of wood is anger. this individual is likely to become frustrated with anyone or thing that blocks his vision of forward movement.

Together, when the elements within a person are balanced and functioning well, anything is possible. A traditional or 5 element Acupuncturist’s primary goal is to correct or maintain balance among the elements within each person. They seek to build and maintain the energy to a level that supports an individual to function as one’s authentic self with ease – minimmal stress responses. A well-balanced body functions authentically in mind, body and spirit.

Update on me, Nancy Davison, PT, LAc
Spring is coming, I’m ready to get moving. For the past 12 months, a full cycle of seasons, I have been striving to regain balance and function.

Knowing that being healthy and well is who I am. I am returning to the work that I know and love -seeing and reviving the sense of well-being in others as well as myself.

My motto: Resilience: How often we fall down doesn’t matter. Our strength lies in how often we get up.

What about me?
I've had 4 hip surgeries plus one dislocation each requiring hospitalization and some level of anesthesia. Two additional procedures also required anesthesia. As a result brain fog has been a constant companion. I’m walking fairly well – usually without support. l've moved my office to my home, established several protocols to protect everyone against covid to include getting both of my Shots. My practice is open and I’m doing treatments again. Yeah!! I like thinking about someone other than myself. I hope to see you soon. You can make an appointment on line by pressing the spot on my home page online from my website or call or Text with your preferences. Just be sure I’ve confirmed it.

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