Zero Balancing

  • Increase flexibility
  • Regain alignment
  • Reduce muscle spasms and pain

zero balancing largeZero balancing (ZB) is designed to align your physical and spiritual bodies, integrating the traditional wisdom of the East with the medical background of Western medicine.

Like a sailboat, the force and direction of the wind (energy) are integrated with the sail, rudder and keel (body) to move a boat forward. When structure and energy are balanced, dysfunctional habits, emotional patterns and imprints from past traumas tend to release, leading to balance, peace and wholeness.

When should you use Zero Balancing?

• Zero balancing relieves pain and spasms.
• Zero balancing improves posture, gait disturbances, skeletal alignment and balance
• Zero balancing creates a space of stillness where the mind quiets from our internal chatter and allows energy fields re-align themselves.

What is the Procedure for Zero Balancing?

• A zero balancing session is about forty-five minutes long; you lie on your back and remain fully clothed during the treatment.
• The practitioner evaluates your energy fields and flow by touching bones in your back, neck and pelvis.
• Zero balancing uses pressure on certain points of the body and gentle traction to allow energy to move through blockages, release imbalances and tension. Zero Balancing sessions are designed to create relaxation and a sense that tension is just, “melting away.”